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THE JOKE’S ON YOU: Art, Authorship and Humor

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2 Responses to FINAL THESIS

  1. Dear Ms Bates,
    It has come to my recent attention that you are selling off “everything” in your studio in an attempt to recover a portion or all of your student loans. I am a bit of a philanthropist and studied artist. I understand your struggle and would like to help. I would like to propose a purchase of the “essence” of your studio to be packaged in a 10 decimeter cube. My funds are a bit limited as a fellow artist, but I would like the opportunity to represent this vessel at appropriate artist/gallery fees of 50%. I would require on your part, a video documentation of the transfer of the “aura” if you please, to verify the authenticity of the work.

    Artfully yours,

    Andrew Knight BA, MFA, PhD.
    Director and owner of Andrew Knight Annex

    • Hello Andrew!
      This opportunity sounds rather intriguing…let’s discuss. Please send me an
      Please forgive my delayed response. I look forward to hearing from you.

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