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The idea behind this piece and “The Fuckin’ Series,” utilized profane language and are relative to humor as much as they are to my silent feeling about the amount of unrelenting snow that has overrun the kingdom of New England.  It was suggested I explore my use of language.  It is important to me to maintain the consistency of humor and artifice in my work right now.  In order to implement this suggestion I knew it had to be integration not a separation.  It also needs to utilize some type of interstitial space.  Similar to the piece, “Touch Me,” that instigates the viewer to touch the painting that reads touch me and is wrapped in bubble wrap.  To touch it is still not touching it.  I digress.

“The Instructions,” are born. This work consists of a mirror and vinyl letters mounted on the mirror.  The text reads, “Go Fuck Ya’self.”  The original intent was singular.  The text in English is presented in my Bostonian dialect.  The viewer is prompted by text while at the same time the image of themselves is reflected back on them via the mirror.  This is hysterical.  If you could hear me…I laughing right now…especially at the viewah.  (say that like a Bostonian)

Upon meeting with my mentor and massaging out the idea, I came upon this notion to do it in many languages.  Researching the languages has been interesting.  Google is not always right, language is constructed by people, people have different dialects, nuances, cultural inferences all of these things have effects on the construction of a statement.  Even “Go Fuck Ya’self.”  I have seven confirmed languages, English, French, Malay-Indonesian, Portuguese, Danish, Latin and Filipino.  I am still working on a few.  My intention was to utilize the most popular languages and through my exploration I received suggestions; I included those as well. All that being said I will be interested to see if my research is on point.

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