While conducting various gag studies I have come across some things that will tend to be more serious and others that are just hilarious. This is all about dialect. The objects I chose tend to be pretty universal. Being that I am a native of Massachusetts with a fabulous Bostonian dialect that has a bit of a Cape Cod undahtone. This project would nevah work in othah pahhts of the country. In Kansas, it would be propahly pronounced, “Pictures with Pitchers.” Due to the overwhelming amount of class in the northeast we pronounce many words, similah to othah words, while dropping entiyah lettahs out of the alphabet. It would have been equally as fun to do, “Beeahs with Beahs,” howevah, findin’ beahs is a lot haadah than findin’ beeahs around heyah. This is why I settled on, “Pichas with Pitchahs.” Once I complete photographin’ enough people holdin’ pitchahs while I take their picha, I will then collage those images onto the pitchahs of the people holdin’ pitchahs while I take their picha. It is a dialectical delight!


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  1. Alice Hyslop says:

    Sarah, you nudged this computer shy person to reading my first blog ever and there I am making an odd face….oh my! Alice

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