I keep torturing myself with this city.  I cannot help it and cannot get enough of it.  There is no way in absolute hell on earth I can ever reach all the corners of it.  I can literally drive and walk the streets for hours on end and never fully comprehend the enormity packed into such a small space.  The diversity of people, becoming a total minority and faceless name within a gigantic mass of humans is an incredible feeling.  It is not a good or bad just an as is.  I want to know how many people know other people around them.  I am sure that within the neighborhoods you know your people.  Does this go outside of that and if so how far?  Where do all the people go?  They are constantly moving.  This time it was different.  We went to Brooklyn.  The intensity was similar to that in Manhattan but the architecture and the people seemed more diverse and less important.  There is more trash in the street there; I do not recall seeing any trash in Manhattan, not like this. I remember remarking in fact about how neat the trash was all through the city all bundled up on the sidewalk, all the cardboard organized.  It was weird though, when you drove a few blocks from where we stayed no trash again.  Nostrand was the train stop for the LIRR.  I still know not what this means but figure it helps to identify the location. I will never understand litter.  It takes a human.  It is so simple to hold on for a trash can.  Even if the municipality is not providing them, shove it in your pocket and throw it away in the can.  The morning I wake up, I see a street sweeper.  I watch it come around the curb, miss an entire section of trash (like 8 Boston Sunday Globes worth).  How do you miss that?  If I had been on ground level it would have made a funny photograph.  This street sweeper with a vast amount of trash behind it; instead it remains, as a mental picture.

There are so many tiny businesses in New York City.  I could be shot for saying this but the answer to all of these problems is Wal-Mart.  People are so busy running around and tossing trash about because they have to go to a single place to attain a single item.  Though it has a vintage 1980’s corded phone feel, the nostalgia wears off quick.  If you need to buy a wig, go to the wig store, but do not expect to find beauty products there, you need to go to a beauty supply store for that.  If you need some tires for your car expect to get them at a tire supply store but, do not expect to pick up your groceries and grab your prescription, that would be asinine.  You need to go to the grocery store for that and then stop by the pharmacy on your way back from the beauty store so that you can pick up your car when the tires are ready.  All this running around is archaic.  This is insanity wrapped in a time sucking tornado.  Get a Wal-Mart New York and solve your own problems.  You can get everything in one place and do it in about an hour.  I almost hate myself for saying it, even suggesting it but it’s a time saver and is New York not a place that does not tolerate counter productivity…so I thought.

I hope that my previous blog posts, this post and any future posts not dissuade any galleries in New York from representing me, museums are welcome too.  My contact information is easy to find.

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