This gallery is white; the walls are bare, the floor showing scuff marks left by past viewers and slapdash cleaning crew, the windows covered.  The only noise is organic and generated through the space by whatever or whoever is introduced into the environment.  The conversation is skeptical, inquisitive.  Where is the work?  This is the work.  I am the artist and this is a critique not just of the space, the self and the experience of that within an “empty space.”  No space is truly empty.  Whether the person is blind or sighted the personal experience is the art of the space, the person within it.  The space is curated as a space not as a collection of objects and art to create preconceived notions of what you are experiencing based on your own experiences and perceptions.  Though the experience is similar, you are the work and your experience within the “empty space” becomes interactive and the space becomes consumed by the individual within it.*

white space

*An architectural rendering of this conceptual space is being created.

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