This work is a mixed media painting.  The canvas is 36 inches x 24 inches with a 1 ½ inch gallery wrap around the edges.  I drew on the text, that reads, “TOUCH ME,” then I painted the surface a greenish turquoise.   Once dry I painted the text, orange, and these two colors visually vibrate when together.  This creates an initial instigation by prodding the viewer to touch the painting.  Most everyone is conditioned not to touch art, people do it ignorantly or secretly when the compulsion wins them over and they believe no one is looking.  I want to create the dynamic of that overwhelming compulsion within the viewer.  In order to further antagonize the viewer I am stretching bubble wrap over the canvas.  It is no secret that most everyone enjoys popping bubble wrap.
The painting itself is telling you to touch it.  The bubble wrap stretched over the top, somewhat blurs the text and further propagates the initial message with its physical presence. By combining these two items it creates the ultimate gag while completely integrating it within my own individual contemporary framework by creating a relationship between humor, art and the viewer.

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