I am that person. I always have been. Everyone knows one or is completely appalled by someone like this. There is purpose to it. This is what I tell myself. It is difficult to be an individual, to stand by what you believe regardless of popularity. I will never tell you what you want to hear because that is what you want me to say. I am here for truth and to fully express that in whatever way will reach people. I am so concerned with how feelings are mediated and manipulated I want to aid that in some way, brutally, honestly. I am that person that says what everyone else is thinking and too afraid to say. I am the one who is doing something when everyone is afraid to do anything. When someone sees my work I want to invoke that something in them; the difference that will make a difference. I want to plant the seed of inspiration in a person and in turn, as their life changes, may they change the lives of others. I want my flame to be that which ignites an inferno in the art world and the world at large. I am that person. I will burn you and you will never be the same.

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