I want someone, anyone, to understand these thoughts, as they swirl around in my head. I can hardly breathe. It is overwhelming. I can barely cope. I do not even know what or how, so I definitely cannot fix the why. I hardly recognize myself anymore as an artist, a woman, a wife. I am none of these and all of these on any given day. Today was not a day that was given to me, so I am nothing. Nothing generated, nothing gained. As this process of my life continues I find I am more of an artist than a painter, completely gender fluid and having less patience for definitive labels. Introspection is a dark and lonely place where my self-discovery is akin to witnessing the death of my best friend…who happens to be me.

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2 Responses to SOMEONE, ANYONE…

  1. Unsolicited feedback alert: your writing about your art and school experiences has gotten clearer and more focused. I read only a couple of the early ones you posted, and now this one, so pardon me for giving feedback without having read more…but anyway…there you go.

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