hood2 milkcarton hooddet1

It is so wide I can’t even hug it.  Little did I know when I started plaster casts of cartons it would grow into this fabulous soft sculpture.  The construction took place before the burger and was completed while the burger was still in process.  It too is stuffed with a wicked amount of plastic bags to hold its shape and maintain its greatness as a soft sculpture. It has become quite a complicated piece.  At first glance it is this large carton but why? I ask myself that a lot too.  There is so much to it.  The milk, the calcium, the circle of life, the issues relative to gender, the issues relative to cows and farms, issues relative to children and education.  The original focus of the project was on language and how it is and after thought to an artist whereas initial creation is the forethought.  Therefore, work drives the language, language does not drive the work, I now believe, once fully engaged they each drive one another.  Milk is relatively representational to what children consume from the beginning, throughout their education, what we feed them physically and intellectually.  Their consumption is predetermined based on the environment they are consuming, albeit language, education or food.  The less fortunate have less access and fewer choices.  The only item in a child’s school lunch that is the same regardless of demographic is the milk. The carton isn’t completely painted yet.  I added a logo I founded fitting. I am working on the straw…draw your own conclusions.  Milk is complicated.


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