The tomato slice completely eliminates the brush from the process and the materials included red cloth, dark red vinyl, clear vinyl and iridescent beige flat marbles.  All the pieces have been cut, the circles are 36 inches.  The edge of the tomato is the same constructive process as the bottom bun.  The top of the tomato has an amoebic shape I created by drawing a representation of the shape based on an image of a tomato on the clear vinyl.  I cut the shape out and K-Swiss and I pinned it to the red cloth circle.  She then sewed the clear vinyl amoeba to the red cloth.  It’s so shiny, the vinyl on the flat red cloth, like a tomato.  Then I traced 3 inch clear vinyl circles, maybe two, the fact is I used a plastic purple cap so, whatever that is.  (I should mention here measuring and I are not good friends, I call it adaptive math, I make the math, I screw it up and then I adapt).  I traced 18 of them and then decided the flat yellow translucent marbles looked awful on the red fabric.  That’s when the beige ones came in.  Then I cut more clear vinyl circles 23-25.  I kept finding flat marbles as I rolled them like dice to onto the fabric, dropping some, this adds to the randomness of the seed placement. Then flicking and coaxing others into the red space off of the vinyl as to not double up the material.  Once they were in place we pinned the vinyl enrobed flat marble to the red cloth, one seed at a time.

They will now be individually sewn to the cloth and slide like a real seed.  The top of the tomato will then be sewn to the 5 inch wide dark red vinyl edging, then the bottom.  The tomato will also be stuffed with plastic bags. The tomato is truly a handcrafted abstract representation of a giant tomato slice.

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