I decided to use Swiss cheese to represent my friend K-Swiss who has been an integral part of this project.  I nicknamed her this many years ago.  It’s a popular shoe brand from the 1990’s and I have known her since the 90’s.  That being said the perfect representation is obviously not a sneaker so, I defaulted to cheese.  Language could be derived from the cheese however my initial intention of the cheese is a nod, an acknowledgement, to my friend who helped me realize my project. 

The cheese is made out of canvas, gesso and paint.  When I made the Marquette I had to make 3 cheeses to get the proper size for the one that ended up being useable.  This time it had to be right the first time because it is so huge so I measured it at 50 inches square and then added the circles to mimic the air bubbles that create holes in sliced Swiss cheese.  Then I cut it out.  One side of the canvas is primed and the other side is not.  I painted it initially a whiter color and later decided I would use the same color I am using for the seeds.  Once both sides are painted because one side is treated and not the other it caused the canvas to curl.  I am going to flatten it under my mattress. 

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