seedbun bunbottom

This same process was repeated for the top bun, the stuffing slit is hidden on the bottom of the top bun, so when it’s assembled it cannot be seen at all.  The bottom bun changed shape from the Marquette. K-Swiss suggested an edge between the two circles being sewn together.  This idea was great because it truly mimics the shape of the bottom bun.  I measured out the length of the circumference in 5 inch strips that K-Swiss then sewed together to make one long strip of fabric.  That strip was then sewn to the top circle and bottom circle. The stuffing process was the same as with the patty and the top bun.  The cloth I used for the project consisted of utility cloth, drapery lining,  any inexpensive cloth that was soft enough to sew and sturdy enough to paint.

Painting the buns was a challenge.  I primed them white.  Then I mixed up this orangey yellow ochre and on the inside of the buns I painted the edge about 5 inches in to create a good blend base for the interior of the respective buns.  I used beige, buttery yellow and spritzes of brown spray paint to reproduce the look of the interior of the bun.  The top bun had to have sesame seeds.  I mixed up a yellowish color that I would also use to paint the Swiss cheese with.  I applied them with the back of a giant pen because it was this perfect round shape I could dip in the paint and stamp on the bun top.  When I started the seeds I didn’t account for gravity.  It didn’t even occur to me.  The seeds started dripping. It was a nightmare.  Never to mind while I had it out drying previously this same bun top was launched into the air by a gust of wind and tossed about the yard, ending up on the deck.  I painted over the grass and whatever other yard residue, as I had tried to clean it off but, it was attached, so it stayed.  I was so frustrated.  I did watch the weather.  I didn’t think of wind.  So, the lesson here is gravity and wind need to be accounted for.  In short I painted the seeds by hand and that looked awful too.  I painted them over, as well as all the drips, with the bun color in an attempt to hide the mistake.  I can see it now I am just debating whether or not to paint the whole bun over.

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