rawpatty patty

The language of this project is vast. This project originally started as a comment on language subverting creative process then slowly gained an additional focus on demographic inequality within institutional systems and the underlying representation of female gender.

I would be a liar if I said I didn’t get excited when I think about the burger.  When I say the burger I mean the whole project.  Through time it has significantly morphed from the original idea which has become a study for what is now taking place. The process, as with everything has been intense and all consuming.  I learned new processes in order to pursue this idea on a grander scale.

I traced a circle out on the cloth, 52 inches, folded the cloth and cut out the circle.  The circles were larger than the width of the material so we took two different materials and sewed them together to create the proper width. We sew the circles together along the edge with a machine.  Once it’s all sewn we cut a slit in the top, near the center and I stuffed it with plastic shopping bags and various types of plastic packing material.  All of the stuffing was donated through social media and local resourcing.  All stuffed, K-Swiss sews it up with a whipstitch.  I later hide this with a char mark.  It’s still visible but not as noticeable.

First I primed the patty form with white, once dry I painted it red like raw meat. When the patty was ready I began to “cook” it.  It started with dark red glossy spray paint.  I sprayed the burger allover to achieve a deeper, rawer look to the meat.  Like how the blood rises as you cook it, I wanted evidence of that here, even though I cover it later.  Then I took the matte black spray paint and I applied black lines and sprayed black around the edging of the patty blending the colors and layering some red back on top of the black to create a brownish tone, then doing a final blend with the black.  It looked so great partially cooked with the raw meat and the char marks.  I decided to cook one side.  I did it with glossy brown spray paint because as the fat rises to the top of the burger it creates sheen.  I reapplied the flat black char marks to blend the colors of this fully cooked side of the patty.  The other side of the patty remains partially cooked and still raw.  I am still not sure…to cook or not to cook…

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