I am blogging because it is time to.  I think my blog is boring.  They have yet to invent the font of humor so it all seems so flat.  I have not had any amazing ideas in a week or two.  Well I shouldn’t say that.  They start out as amazing and then part way down the rabbit hole you realize, there are no bunnies here, all the signs that they were here are elusive lies.  Even if there are bunnies I cannot pet them right now because I have an entire bunny ranch in process at home.   If I consider that for a moment I might just understand. However, I always feel this intense push to find more bunnies, generate more hutches and make the ranch bigger.  It’s never enough.  I go to bed wondering if I did enough and wake up wanting to push harder than I did the day before.  There are not enough hours in the day, days in the week but I have persevered.  The level of thinking, adjusting, philosophizing and processing is intense.  I can hardly communicate what is going on in my head most of the time.  I just know it moves faster than the clock.  Culling out from that ideologies, methodologies, applications and process, process, process, while the white noise and the ever present reality which is my life; was my life before and supports my life as it is changing into another is difficult.  When the pieces connect it’s intellectually orgasmic and when they don’t its trash.  All of it becomes trash and not the kind people want to dig through because they will get cut.

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