While reading about Andy Warhol, the factory, POP, the mass production and assimilating myself into totally self-involved, self-indulgent, and selfish world I decided I wanted to experiment with the notion of the depletion of self.  I want to experiment with the total breakdown of that image as opposed to the earlier project, “Paper Napkins” which presents the image of my signature singularly on each piece of paper.  My aim here is to deplete the image of my signature until it represents only color, form and shape.  I am in the process of creating a diptych.  One is to be a reverse negative of the other.  The signature is silkscreened onto the canvas in a horizontal and vertical pattern with two different size signatures.  The colors are hot pink, fluorescent green, yellow and black.  The first canvas has a background of white.  The second is black. 

My signature carries abstract roots which were born out of a 10th grade math class; this signature was to be my identity.  It carries the power to purchase, consume, authorize and control all with the stroke, defined as a mark that identifies itself with me its creator.  Government documents support this. It is so interesting how a signature can carry itself with such confidence, authority and exude such ego.  True to any abstract expressionist I suppose.  I defined myself as such for over a decade now.  I possess that type of attitude, I produce similar types of work, I am drinking more than I used to, (that’s a joke).  Well, minus the misogyny for the most part, I find as a lesbian it can be quite easy to morph between two different worlds and it enables me to see things from different sides.  I find myself struggling with my style changing, my definition of self, and the definition of art. Everyone is so fucking obsessed with themselves and I don’t want that to regulate my work. That is why I think it’s important to explore the depletion of identity and the subjectification of relative image.  It assists me with distancing myself from what it is I am creating by repeating the image so many times it depletes itself from its original state,  thus taking away the power and presenting it as something other than itself. A mock if you will.  I am finding a bit of my work to be a mock.  It must be the sarcasm and the humor in it.

I have provided two images of the progress of this project…it still needs to be completely depleted and I am finding the process is also continually lending itself to the initial inspiration for the project through the physical breakdown of the screen.

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