I would like to utilize this space for thoughts regarding the drastic number of changes I have felt in my life since starting the program. I use words like crazy, exhausted, amazing and hard…especially hard to describe what I am going through. I know I am not alone in this. It is a delicate balance between three jobs and school. All of my jobs are somehow related to art.
Art gives me confiedence when nothing else can. When I left at the begining of January I had no idea what was about to happen. I am finding that my life is begining to change all around me. Things that were once a comfort and a mainstay in my life are no longer. These changes need to be made in order for me to move forward as an artist. There are possibilities of a newer larger studio space and all the difficulties that will present. There are also people in my life that just need not be…negative people, who do not allow themselves to look outside the box. To understand that Art is bigger than them and the closed definition they ascribe to it and in turn they stifle the very creativity of those around them. I can no longer subscribe to parameters that do not allow my art to thrive in the way it needs to and deserves to. I wanted to post this in hopes that it would help me work through some of these difficult decisions. I am sure the perceptions of others rule their perceptions of me as Sarah and not me as an artist. One being the same as the other. I am not on this earth to represent anyone except myself. There have been some misconceptions regarding my work, its purpose and its orignality. All I know is that the people that question me need to stop and take a look at their work and not be so concerned with mine. Stop painting fish, grapes and landscapes. I do not want to see it! My eyes are bleeding from it. I do not take your work down even though it is sophmoric, its language speaks to any other print bought at Home Goods. Good for you! You plastic idiotic landscape painting tool. Your response is to remove my combine painting just becuase you do not understand it. My response will be to ultimately remove myself. Almost as if I am the deKooning that was erased.
So I forge on! My art is ever changing and I couldn’t be happier and more scared than ever before. I have to believe I am going in the right direction. I need no parameters, I just need more medium.

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  1. Hell’s yeah girl!! Hell’s yeah. we are with you

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